Three Potential Partner Visa Delays You Can Easily Avoid

A partner visa seems like a minefield, but when you follow the advice of an immigration attorney, the processing journey is normally painless. However, even an immigration attorney cannot prevent processing delays caused by inaccurate information provided by their clients. Therefore, as someone who is about to embark on the partner visa journey, here are three common errors which lead to processing delays. By knowing what these are in advance, you can easily avoid them.

Inaccurate Dates

When filling out the paperwork, you might think that you don't need to be 100% spot on with dates, but date inaccuracy is one area which could delay your paperwork processing. There are key moments in your relationship which you must know the dates to. So, start researching these now so you know exactly when you:

  • first met, both online (if applicable) and in person
  • committed to each other to be part of a relationship
  • started living together
  • got engaged (if applicable)

These dates will be cross-referenced when examining the evidence attached to your application, so take care to get them right.

Overloading Application

The main goal of the official who is processing the visa is reaching 100% conviction you are in a true and committed relationship. However, in saying that, there is such a thing as submitting too much evidence. So, for every email, personal reference and photo you print out for the application, ask yourself the question of how relevant it is to proving the truth of your relationship. You need to submit the right amount of evidence, because too much evidence and your application will take longer to process, but not enough evidence and they might not be convinced. Your immigration attorney can help you find this balance.

Accurate Evidence

Finally, as well as getting the dates right and gathering the right evidence, you need to be certain all evidence submitted is accurate. For example, if you submit a lease for a specific address where you and your partner say you live, but you submit a bank account statement with a different address on it, the examiner is going to want to know why there is a difference. An immigration attorney can take a close look at this type of detail with you to ensure it all lines up.

After lodging a partner visa application, there is nothing to do but wait for it to be processed. But, by following these tips, you can potentially avoid a delay in the processing timeline. Talk to your immigration attorney if you have any further queries about partner visas.