Top Tips When Applying For A Partner Visa

Applying for your partner visa can be quite nerve-wracking. More often than not, applicants are not sure about the eligibility criteria and the documents required when applying for the visa. Below is a guide to assist you as you apply for the visa. 

Eligibility Criteria

The primary eligibility criteria for the partner visa is that you must be married to an Australian citizen or permanent resident. Other than this, you must have a police certificate to prove that your presence in the country does not endanger Australian residents. Besides, you need to undergo a medical assessment to meet the health requirements set by the immigration department. As a rule, you should not have a visa cancellation in the past. Ideally, your sponsor must be an outstanding citizen who can support your stay in the country. 

Types Of Partner Visas

There are two types of partner visas. The onshore partner visa is categorised into subclass 801 (permanent) and 820 (temporary). This visa can only be applied when you are in Australia. The offshore visa is divided into subclass 100 (permanent) and 309 (temporary). It is designed for applicants that live outside Australia. 

Visa Interviews 

Your case officer will interview you to determine the authenticity of the information you provide as you apply for the visa. Below are some tips to help you as you attend the interview. 

  • Choose appropriate timing for the interview. Your case officer will call you and request an interview. If you are not available at the moment, inform them of an appropriate time
  • Be calm during the interview. Nervousness could make you contradict yourself
  • Be honest during the interview. Remember, the immigration department conducts background checks to validate the information that you provide
  • Take regular breaks and ask the case officer to verify questions that you do not understand during the interview 

Consider Engaging An Immigration Lawyer

Preferably, hire an immigration lawyer as you apply for your partner visa. An experienced immigration lawyer will advise you on the documents that you should upload. Besides, they will communicate with the immigration department if they need any clarifications regarding your application. They will also be present during your interview. When hiring an immigration lawyer, examine their experience, reputation, terms, and conditions. Overseas applicants should consider a lawyer that offers online services. 

When applying for a partner visa, check your eligibility, choose an appropriate visa, hire an immigration lawyer and observe the recommended interview tips.