Top Tips When Applying For A Partner Visa

Applying for your partner visa can be quite nerve-wracking. More often than not, applicants are not sure about the eligibility criteria and the documents required when applying for the visa. Below is a guide to assist you as you apply for the visa.  Eligibility Criteria The primary eligibility criteria for the partner visa is that you must be married to an Australian citizen or permanent resident. Other than this, you must have a police certificate to prove that your presence in the country does not endanger Australian residents. Read More 

Three Potential Partner Visa Delays You Can Easily Avoid

A partner visa seems like a minefield, but when you follow the advice of an immigration attorney, the processing journey is normally painless. However, even an immigration attorney cannot prevent processing delays caused by inaccurate information provided by their clients. Therefore, as someone who is about to embark on the partner visa journey, here are three common errors which lead to processing delays. By knowing what these are in advance, you can easily avoid them. Read More