5 Helpful Tips to Lodge Your Australian Partner Visa Successfully on the First Try

Are you applying for an Australian partner visa? If that's the case, you'll realise soon that this process can seem daunting due to the numerous steps involved. Besides, partner visas are associated with high processing costs. Consider these five helpful tips when applying for your Australian partner visa to get it right on your first try and skip all the hassles. 

Understand the Type of Partner Visa You Need

Australian partner visas can either be prospective marriage visas, temporary partner visas or permanent partner visas. According to the Australian Department of Home Affairs, a temporary partner visa allows a de facto partner of an Australian citizen or permanent resident to live in Australia temporarily. On the other hand, permanent partner visas allow the de facto partner of an Australian citizen or resident to live permanently in Australia. The prospective marriage visa grants a temporary stay for partners who must get married within nine months once approved. 

Provide Official Documentation 

During partner visa applications, the immigration office will require some official documentation. That might include bank statements, health reports, joint ownership/rental paperwork and other listed documents on the immigration website. It's imperative to provide all the crucial documentation needed to prove that you are serious about applying for a partner visa. 

Know the Potential Partner Visa Application Challenges 

During your partner visa application process, certain things might hinder a smooth process or even result in a rejection. Therefore, it's imperative to understand the potential challenges the process might face and arm yourself with enough evidence to prove why your application must be accepted. For example, if you have a poor credit score or criminal record, gather solid evidence to defend yourself and prove why the same will never happen once your visa application is accepted. 

Respond Quickly to Any Requests from the Immigration Office

Failure to respond quickly to any requests from the immigration department can result in the rejection of your application. It might make the officials believe you aren't taking the partner visa application seriously. Therefore, if you need more time to respond to their request, it's imperative to send them a holding email explaining your reasons for the delay and when you'll manage to deliver the required information. 

Solicit Help from Licensed Immigration Agents

Finally, perhaps one of the most essential tips on this list is getting advice and help from reputable and licensed immigration agents. A solo partner visa application is possible, but making mistakes is highly likely since you aren't experienced with the intricacies related to the application process. However, professional visa agents have a wealth of experience handling visa applications and can advise you to facilitate a successful application.

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